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Learn the violin from a caring and qualified instructor with a 6-Week Online Violin Course

This new online violin course gives you the exact steps to finally fulfill your dream of always wanting to learn the violin. Ms. Nickie is a caring and qualified instructor who gives you the discipline and confidence to practice and learn technique ... within 6 weeks. You too can learn the violin if you follow her steps, from a teacher that truly cares. All of the courses have been hand written and crafted by her, to help you succeed as a violin student. This will not only bring a sense of musical fulfillment, but also, you will have the ability to go to other musical establishments with the information Ms. Nickie provides. In this 6-Week Online Violin Course learn confidently and then continue to study even more from other instructors in your local area. Learn the basics and more efficiently today from the comfort of home!

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Meet Ms. Nickie Whaley

Hello and welcome to my online violin course! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I perform the viola for weddings, ensembles, art walks, and hired performances for special events. I currently teach the violin, viola, and beginner piano in Jacksonville, Florida.I have a total of 17 years of trained musical experience. Growing up I lived in Nashville, Tennessee. I first started the violin at the age of ten. I then moved to Jacksonville where I attended LaVilla School of the Arts. At LaVilla, I switched to the viola at age 14. I then attended and graduated from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts for viola. For college, I have attended Stetson and Belmont University. I then volunteered in the University of North Florida's Symphony Orchestra. I have been a participant in classical music festivals such as International Strings Festival in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, and also Eastern Music Festival in Greensboro, North Carolina. I can not wait for you to join me in this new course, I've gone through all the details, which I use with my everyday students here in Jacksonville, that will certainly help you succeed at this instrument. I have used these techniques to help my students become better musicians and prepare for auditions as well. I get a lot of questions daily and I'm ready to answer yours. So grab your violin and get ready to learn the instrument thoroughly! You will receive with the 6-week course recorded videos, PDFs, presentations, one on one video chats and more. All of which you get to keep so you can continue to review and grow. I can't wait to meet you! Let this new musical journey begin. -Nickie